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Crimping Tools & Fastener Sets

Brand: Clarke
For electrical wire terminations & connections on low voltage and mains supplies. 60 assorted terminals plus the special pliers for cutting stripping and crimping. Especially useful for automotive wiring.Features60 assorted electrical terminals.Crimping pliers/cutters..
(Ex VAT)€12.52
Brand: Clarke
A 300 piece comprehensive electrical wire terminal assortment, featuring various open end, closed end, and spade type connectors with colour coded insulation. Supplied in a clear view 18 compartment storage tray for easy selection.Features300 piece setOpen end connectorsClosed end connectorsSpade co..
(Ex VAT)€23.81
Brand: Clarke
An assortment of 75 mixed size nylon cable ties in a range of colours for clear grouping and identification. Non release ratchet lock action for permanent non slip hold. Supplied in a clear storage jar with cutting tool.FeaturesSizes (mm) 100x 2.48 / 165 x 2.48 / 200 x 4.00...
(Ex VAT)€17.04
Brand: Clarke
An assortment of 555 split pins suitable for a wide range of automotive and industrial fixings. Neatly presented in a 6 compartment translucent storage box.FeaturesQuantity x Diameter x Length (mm) 15x4.0x64, 30x3.2x50, 50x3.2x32, 100x2.4x38, 150x2.4x25, 210x1.6x25...
(Ex VAT)€11.73
Brand: Clarke
An assortment of 720 securing washers including split/spring, star, external & land shakeproof all neatly presented in an 18 compartment translucent storage box.FeaturesSize range for all types from 3.5-10.0 mm..
(Ex VAT)€12.91
Brand: Clarke
A useful selection of these fixing devices in 9 different sizes.FeaturesSizes range from 1/16" to 7/8"Specially treated to resist corrosion.Supplied in a handy storage tray...
(Ex VAT)€7.60
Brand: Clarke
A comprehensive assortment of compression and expansion springs to suit numerous repair, building and development projects. A good chance you'll find the one you need.Features76 compression springs in 8 different sizes up to 1½" long124 extension springs in 12 different sizes up to 3 1/8" long.Suppl..
(Ex VAT)€6.94
Brand: Clarke
A varied selection of internal and external retaining spring circlips ready at hand for immediate selection as and when required.FeaturesSize range from ¼" to 1¼"Supplied in a handy storage tray...
(Ex VAT)€6.68
Brand: Clarke
This useful selection of R-Clips / Hitch pins, in six different sizes, will cover virtually all general requirements.FeaturesSizes range from 3/32" x 1 3/16" to 5/32 x 2 15/16Supplied in a handy storage tray...
(Ex VAT)€7.25
Brand: Clarke
A selection of 30 different sizes of roll pin clips offering every chance of having the one you need.FeaturesSizes range from 1/16" x 3/16" to ¼" x 1¼"Supplied in a handy storage tray...
(Ex VAT)€6.98
Brand: Clarke
A very useful selection of nuts, bolts and washers, supplied in a plastic storage case with 15 individual compartments.FeaturesTotal contents - 1,405 nuts, bolt & washers..
(Ex VAT)€0.00
Brand: Clarke
26 piece assorted hose clip set for securing hoses around pipes and for automotive use. Worm gear type screw & thread and zinc plated for corrosion resistance.FeaturesContents include 8 x 16mm, 6 x 22mm, 4 x 25mm, 2 x 28mm, 2 x 35mm & 4 x 40mm clipsAll housed in a storage tray..
(Ex VAT)€5.93
Brand: Clarke
A pack of 128 assorted nylon lock nuts supplied in a handy case.Pack contains: 8x M12, 10x M10, 15x M8, 25x M6, 30x M5, 40x M4Features128 piece set..
(Ex VAT)€5.10
Brand: Clarke
An assorted 150 piece set of fibre washers. This set includes:10x 5mm ID x 10mm OD, 10x 6mm ID x 10mm OD, 10x 7mm ID x 10mm OD, 10x 8mm ID x 12mm OD, 10x 10mm ID x 12mm OD, 10x 10mm ID x 14mm OD, 10x 10mm ID x 17mm OD, 20x 12mm ID x 20mm OD, 10x 14mm ID x 18mm OD, 10x 14mm ID x 20mm OD, 10x 15mm ID ..
(Ex VAT)€4.48
Brand: Clarke
A stainless steel set of assorted screw hooks and eyes.Eye bolts: 60x 29mm, 12x 44mm, 12x 52mmHook bolts: 50x 40mm, 12x 66mm, 5x 83mmFeatures151 piece setSupplied in case..
(Ex VAT)€6.06
Brand: Clarke
A 125 piece assorted thermoplastic set of rubber O rings. This set is supplied in a snap closed container with sizes ranging from 3mm to 22mm inside diameter.Features125 piece setSize: 3mm - 22mmSupplied in a snap close container..
(Ex VAT)€5.05
Brand: Clarke
An assortment of 78 cable clips. This set includes the following sizes:Round: 8, 10, 12, 16mmFlat: 6, 8mmFeatures78 piece set..
(Ex VAT)€2.90
Brand: Clarke
This 262 piece set offers 5 sizes of galvanised steel pins supplied in a snap open case for easy storage.Features262 piece setSupplied in a snap open case..
(Ex VAT)€3.25
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