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Pliers, Snips & Cutters

Brand: Clarke
New blades improve efficiency by giving a cleaner cut with less effort. Why not keep some handy & change them regularly?FeaturesPack of 2 blades for the Clarke CHT164 hand nibbler..
(Ex VAT)€3.78
Brand: Clarke
Tube cutter not working well ? It makes sense to replace the hardened HSS cutting wheel as soon as the going gets tough!Features..
(Ex VAT)€3.33
Brand: Clarke
A handy 3 piece set of pliers covering a wide range of uses, these are essentials for any tool kit.Features175mm Linesman Combination pliers150mm long nose pliers50mm side cuttersAll pliers have drop forged hardened jaws..
(Ex VAT)€10.89
Brand: Clarke
Ideal for those delicate and awkward jobs, this 6 piece mini pliers set covers a huge range of uses.FeaturesEach tool features a return spring, forged hardened jaws and soft handle grips...
(Ex VAT)€11.88
Brand: Clarke
A standard pair of instantly adjustable water pump pliers, 200 mm and 300 mm, which can get to grips with a whole range of plumbing jobs. Lipped, non slip handles for a safe and comfortable hold.Features..
(Ex VAT)€9.90
Brand: Clarke
Always useful in difficult situations where conventional tools may be unable to provide a strong enough hold. The serrated oval jaws are adjusted to provide an exceptionally strong grip on all manner of objects.Features3 sizes: - 5", 7" & 10"Supplied in a storage wallet..
(Ex VAT)€14.85
Brand: Clarke
You must be over the age of 18 to purchase this product   A set of three long nosed shears offering the ease of compound leverage to cut through thin sheet metal up to 18 gauge. Select the appropriate model for Left, Straight or Right hand cutting (Red, Yellow or Green respectively).Features..
(Ex VAT)€14.81
Brand: Clarke
You must be over the age of 18 to purchase this product These heavy duty bolt croppers offer sufficient power without being unwieldy.Features18" Heavy duty bolt cutter, tubular handle with gripCompound leverage for ease of operation..
(Ex VAT)€18.81
Brand: Clarke
You must be over the age of 18 to purchase this product Large heavy duty bolt cutters, with the power to get you out of a tight spot.Features24" Heavy duty bolt cutter, tubular handle with gripCompound leverage for ease of operation..
(Ex VAT)€25.74
Brand: Clarke
Commonly used in motorsport applications, these lockwire pliers are ideal for any application requiring extra security for bolts etc.FeaturesRobust construction with spring return and heavy duty locking jawsSize 230mm (9")..
(Ex VAT)€33.65
Brand: Clarke
A handy circlip plier set, comprising of 1 set of handles with 4 interchangeable tips.Features1.2mm Tipped Jaw Straight, 1.5mm Tipped Jaw Straight, 1.5mm Tipped Jaw 45 degrees, 1.5mm Tipped Jaw 90 degrees..
(Ex VAT)€12.87
Brand: Clarke
You must be over the age of 18 to purchase this product A heavy duty cutter with tubular handles and forged steel blades hardened and tempered with a matt black finish. Five point compound leverage enables easy cutting through rod, bolt and chain etc.FeaturesCapacity up to 16mm...
(Ex VAT)€51.48
Brand: Clarke
A heavy duty die-cast tube cutter suitable for brass, aluminium. copper and thin wall conduit. The hardened steel cutting wheel and ground rollers ensure accurate, clean cuts everytime.FeaturesCuts tube from 3 to 30mm O/DIntegral fold away pipe de-burrerSpare cutting wheel stowed in handle..
(Ex VAT)€12.53
Brand: Clarke
A compact die-cast cutter for metal tubing, especially useful in confined spaces. Quickly produces a clean, burr free cut in aluminium, brass and copper tubing.FeaturesCuts tubing from 3 to 22mm O/D..
(Ex VAT)€7.23
Brand: Clarke
Although designed essentially for plumbing work, these water pump pliers have much wider application. Made from high carbon steel chemically blackened, this versatile tool can be used with or without the soft plastic jaws designed to safeguard decorative plumbing fittings.FeaturesMaximum Jaw opening..
(Ex VAT)€16.49
Brand: Clarke
Straight cut tin snips designed for cutting cold rolled sheet steel up to 0.8mm thickFeaturesHardened and tempered drop forged high carbon steel blades, moulded handle grips for secure use..
(Ex VAT)€13.86
Brand: Clarke
A set of three lock grip pliers always useful for general maintenance and repairs especially on worn or stubborn fittings which otherwise are difficult to shift. Handy for builders, plumbers and mechanics.FeaturesSizes: 5" curved jaw, 10" curved jaw, 6" long nose part curved jaw.Precise screw adjust..
(Ex VAT)€13.86
Brand: Clarke
These multi angle pliers make simple work of removing plastic rivets from vehicle interiors.FeaturesChoice of 4 setting positions over 90º for convenient approach.Tough black steel construction with contoured comfort grip handlesOverall length 230mm..
(Ex VAT)€0.00
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