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Whetstones & Sharpening Tools

Brand: Clarke
The CBS20 electric drill bit sharpener is a fast, simple and effective way to give your blunt drill bits a razor sharp cutting edge. The built-in drill bit guide ensures sharpening at the correct angle.Please note this sharpener is only suitable for sharpening single drill bits at a time.Simple and ..
(Ex VAT)€46.53
Brand: Clarke
A three piece diamond coated set for quick and easy sharpening. Just add water and you're ready to bring your tools back up to standard. Each is colour coded to indicate the different stages of the sharpening process.  Size - 150mm x 50mm (6" x 2")  Blue (coarse) 180 grit - suitable for sh..
(Ex VAT)€10.89
Brand: Clarke
A multi-purpose sharpener with four different grits. Each grit is colour coded for ease of useGrey (coarse) sharpen knives, chisels, shears and machine cutting bladesYellow (finer) use to refine cutting blades Green (fine) complete sharpening process by adding a fine buff to the cutting edge Re..
(Ex VAT)€16.83
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