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Drill Bits, Screwdriver Steels, Bit Sets

Brand: Clarke
Gives blunt drill bits a razor sharp cutting edge. Quick and easy to use. Built-in drill bit guide ensures sharpening at the correct angle.FeaturesSuitable for 3.6 to 10mm HSS drill bitsVoltage: 230V ~ 50HzWattage: 70WSpeed: 1600rpm..
(Ex VAT)€39.05
Brand: Clarke
A comprehensive 19 piece HSS drill bit set in convenient dial box.FeaturesContains drill bits from 1 to 10 mm in 0.5mm increments...
(Ex VAT)€10.89
Brand: Clarke
This handy woodworking contersink set enables holes to be drilled and countersunk to allow screws to fit flush with the surface. Ideal for use with hand held manual, electric and cordless drills as well as drill presses.FeaturesSet includes 4 drill & countersink bits plus hex keySizes 3, 4, 5 & 6mm..
(Ex VAT)€5.71
Brand: Clarke
Drill precise depth holes and fit screws flush with this handy and convenient drill bit, countersink and depth stop set.FeaturesSet comprises 7 x drill bits, 7 x countersinks, 7 x depth stops & hex keyDrill bit sizes - 1/8", 9/64", 5/32", 11/64", 3/16", 13/64" & 7/32"Supplied in a handy storage case..
(Ex VAT)€10.41
Brand: Clarke
Cobalt steel drills offer higher heat and abrasion resistance, making them more suitable for drilling hardened steel, super alloys, titanium and stainless steelFeatures19 metric drill bits from 1 to 10mm diameters, in increments of 0.5mm..
(Ex VAT)€31.68
Brand: Clarke
Cobalt steel offers greater resistance to high temperatures and abrasion than conventional high-speed steel (HSS). These quality cobalt steel drill bits are ideally suited to drilling hardened steel, super alloys, titanium and stainless steelFeatures25 metric drills from 1 to 13mm diameter in increm..
(Ex VAT)€73.26
Brand: Clarke
The carbide tips on these drill bits are made from compacted binary compounds of carbon and other ultra tough elements - an ideal compound for the cutting tips of these hard wearing drill bits. The bits are designed for fast, effective drilling in brick, stone and concrete.FeaturesSet consists of 8 ..
(Ex VAT)€8.91
Brand: Clarke
The specially profiled shanks of these high speed steel drills are most effective in enlarging holes and apertures in hardwood, softwood & plastic. A highly durable titanium coating reduces friction and extends the life of the cutting edges.Features3 drill saws -- 1/8" dia. x 60mm length- ¼" dia. x ..
(Ex VAT)€5.94
Brand: Clarke
These precision ground HSS drill bits, with black oxide finished flutes, are designed principally for drilling larger holes in ferrous and non ferrous metals. They each have a characteristic shank machined down to 0.5" diameter.FeaturesSet comprises 8 pieces from 9/16" to 1".Supplied in a purpose ma..
(Ex VAT)€37.62
Brand: Clarke
A useful, and hard wearing, set of drill bits that are designed specifically for drilling larger diameter holes in both ferrous & non ferrous metals. Each bit has a machined-down 13mm diameter shank and a durable black enamel finish.FeaturesSet comprises 8 bits from 13 to 25mm dia.Manufactured from ..
(Ex VAT)€39.60
Brand: Clarke
A quality set of HSS drills and corresponding spiral flutes, designed for extracting and removing damaged, jammed or cross-threaded screws. Comes complete in a specially moulded case.FeaturesHSS drills - 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 & 10mm dia.Spiral flute extractors sizes - 1 to 6...
(Ex VAT)€13.86
Brand: Clarke
A quality set of self centring HSS flutes, designed for extracting and removing damaged & cross-threaded screws.FeaturesSizes - #1 (for 6mm screw or stud), #2 (8mm), #3 (10mm), #4 (12mm) & #5 (15mm)Supplied in blow moulded plastic storage case..
(Ex VAT)€6.87
Brand: Clarke
A top quality set of HSS steel countersink flutes, supplied in a convenient metal storage case. Using these useful power drill tools allows screws & fasteners to fit flush to the surface.FeaturesFlute sizes - 6.3mm, 8.3mm, 10.4mm, 12.4mm, 16.5mm & 20.5mm dia...
(Ex VAT)€38.61
Brand: Clarke
Use these handy alloy steel countersink flutes to ensure screws fit flush to the surface for a more professional finish.Features3-piece setIncludes 12, 16 and 19mm dia. flutes¼" (6.35mm) dia. shaftsUse on both hard & soft wood..
(Ex VAT)€7.62
Brand: Clarke
A substantial set of quality HSS drill bits coated with titanium nitride for increased durability & service life. They're ideal for general purpose drilling tasks in most common materials including hard & soft wood, plastics and most alloys & metals too.FeaturesMultiple quantities of pop..
(Ex VAT)€69.30
Brand: Clarke
Manufactured with tungsten carbide tips for precision and durability, these hard wearing bits are designed for drilling concrete, brickwork, construction blocks & most masonry materials. Each drill bit also features a spiral flute for fast and effective waste removal.FeaturesSDS+ shanks for use in h..
(Ex VAT)€39.60
Brand: Clarke
This very useful & very comprehensive 100 piece bit set, for driving all manner of different types of fastener, is ideal for home DIY, workshop and automotive use. Each driver bit & adaptor is made from Chrome Vanadium steel for durability, and has a tough and corrosion resistant satin finish. These..
(Ex VAT)€12.38
Brand: Clarke
17 of most popular sizes of masonry drill bits & chisels, all with SDS+ shanks, designed specifically for use with heavy duty SDS+ hammer and rotary hammer drills. Superbly robust metal carry case keeps bits organised & conveniently stored.FeaturesContents includes -- 4 x 110mm long drill bits (5, 6..
(Ex VAT)€34.65
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