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Automotive/Industrial Mig Welders

Brand: Clarke
Able to achieve the same top class results as the 195TE and 230TE, a lower duty cycle enables this fully featured 185amp MIG welder to be offered at an incredibly low price.FeaturesMultiple power settings from 30 - 185amps. Welds mild steel up to 7mm. Also accepts aluminium & stainless steel wire.Tu..
(Ex VAT)€963.77
Brand: Clarke
This powerful 3-phase, 260 amp MIG welder delivers versatile performance with consistantly good welds. Designed to meet the regular demands of industrial and automotive users alike.FeaturesMultiple power settings - 30-260 amps. Welds mild steel up to 11mm thicknessTurbo fan cooling for improved duty..
(Ex VAT)€1,414.61
Brand: Clarke
This MIG welder easy to set up and is a natural choice of welder for serious DIY enthusiasts or 'semi' professional operators and will also withstand commercial use too. It's fitted with a 'professional style', non-live torch - a distinct advantage for the inexperienced user - and a 'turbo' fan cool..
(Ex VAT)€619.64
Brand: Clarke
A powerful & up-to-date 170amp Metal Inert Gas welder for fabricating heavier, thicker mild steel structures, car chassis and, thanks to the multiple power settings and a minimum welding ampage of 30 amps, car body work and finer steel pieces too. Designed to reliably serve in automotive garages & b..
(Ex VAT)€870.11
Brand: Clarke
A self contained well specified mobile MIG Welder for general repairs and fabrication in automotive workshops and factories.FeaturesMultiple power settings from 30 - 210amps. Welds mild steel up to 8mm. Also suitable for aluminium & stainless steel wire.Turbo fan cooling for enhanced duty cycle & lo..
(Ex VAT)€1,196.81
Brand: Clarke
With its combined power and extended duty cycle, this fully specified MIG welder will cope well in an industrial environment. An excellent choice for a busy autobody repair shop.FeaturesPower settings 30 - 250amps. Welds mild steel up to 11mm thicknessTurbo fan cooling and extra large transformer fo..
(Ex VAT)€2,023.14
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