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DIY Arc Welders

DIY Arc Welders
Brand: Clarke
The MMA80 inverter welder is the perfect solution for various small scale DIY welding needs. The inverter technology adds a considerable weight reduction in comparison to traditional transformer types making it great for portable applications.Features80Amp, 230V inverter technologyCompact, robust & ..
(Ex VAT)€93.49
Brand: Clarke
A step up from the basic home user model, this 110amp arc welder is ideal for simple fabrication and repair jobs. The extra power simply provides more flexibility in the welding process.FeaturesVariable power control - 30 to 110 amps (viewing window shows appropriate rod size & current selected).Sma..
(Ex VAT)€119.95
Brand: Clarke
A general purpose 140 amp arc welder that's an ideal choice for numerous users. Operating equally effectively from both 230v & 110v mains input power means it can be used not just in garages, & workshops but on construction sites which are limited to a 110v supply. Sturdy build quality & long term r..
(Ex VAT)€175.55
Brand: Clarke
With its ample 150 amp output this sturdy & robust arc welder is a great choice for home DIY use. Ideal for handymen, home craftsmen, & automotive enthusiasts maintaining or restoring vehicles. The increased range of operation gives the enthusiast plenty of scope for vehicle repairs and general fabr..
(Ex VAT)€129.95
Brand: Clarke
Top of the range performance for serious DIY fabrication and automotive repair. This solid, dependable 185 amp output arc welder gives users the confidence and ability to tackle metal structures of many kinds.FeaturesVariable power control - 50 to 185 amps (viewing window shows appropriate rod size ..
(Ex VAT)€179.95
Brand: Clarke
A mobile workshop organiser designed especially for welding equipment. Conveniently transports Arc & Mig welders, Plasmas cutters and larger gas bottles, hoses, tools and consumables which otherwise can be awkward to move about.FeaturesAccomodates Clarke MIG151TE & smaller hobby MIG welders,..
(Ex VAT)€91.06
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