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Gas Torches & Soldering Irons

Gas Torches & Soldering Irons
Brand: Clarke
A compact butane gas torch with fine flame adjustment especially suitable for intricate jewellery and model making as well as for soldering and minor plumbing repairs.FeaturesInstant electronic ignitionConvenient base stand to maintain a safe upright positionAdjustable flame temperature of up to 130..
(Ex VAT)€36.52
Brand: Clarke
This kit for the hobbist, DIY or maintenance engineer contains all you need to tackle a wide variety of soldering jobs including jewellery and model making, electronics, appliance repairs etc.Download Product ManualFeatures100W instant heat twin probe soldering gun (230v) with trigger control, spot ..
(Ex VAT)€31.43
Brand: Clarke
Proffesional LPG torch for heating and burning with a selection of broadflame nozzles.FeaturesTorch incorporates a flame control valve.3 Nozzle sizes - 25mm, 40mm, 50mmOperates using propane gas...
(Ex VAT)€40.34
Brand: Clarke
A general purpose LPG torch for high intensity burning, heating and brazing etc. Supplied with a selection of 3 commonly used round nozzles.FeaturesTorch incorporates a flame control valve.3 Nozzle sizes - 10mm, 14mm, 17mm.Operates using propane gas...
(Ex VAT)€40.26
Brand: Clarke
An intermediate length gas torch asembly for heating and burning applications such as roof work, ground burning and weed control.Features650mm burner, arm & flame control valve handle overall length.Fitted with 60mm dia. burner shroud.Operates using propane gas..
(Ex VAT)€57.34
Brand: Clarke
High output LPG torch with a nozzle selection particularly suited to general plumbing and redecoration work.FeaturesTorch incorporates a flame control valve.17mm high intensity burner nozzle.40mm flat burning shroud.22mm plumbing pipe shroud.Operates using propane gas...
(Ex VAT)€38.17
Brand: Clarke
An extended gas torch designed for ground level and long reach operations such as road line burning, roofing work or weed control.FeaturesGas torch with twin action control value & ignition button.Overall burner length 700mm.Standard 50mm burner shroud.10M gas hose with 3/8"(LH) connectors.Operates ..
(Ex VAT)€66.95
Brand: Clarke
PLK1074 700mm Twin Burner Gas Torch Kit. Double 60mm burner ideal for roofing on large surfaces, road line burning, industrial work, weld pre-heating and weed burning.Features700mm Long torch handle with flame intensity adjustment5m hoseRegulatorTwin 600mm burners..
(Ex VAT)€59.95
Brand: Clarke
A six part LPG torch kit for use with propane gas, ideal for a variety of heating jobs including plumbing installations.FeaturesGas torch with twin action control valve.Pressure regulator.1mm & 25mm high intensity burner nozzles.22mm pipe heating shroud.2 metre supply hose with 3/8" (LH) connectors...
(Ex VAT)€69.98
Brand: Clarke
A comprehensive LPG torch kit capable of dealing with a wide range of heating, brazing, burning and soldering jobs using propane gas.FeaturesGas Torch with level / rotary twin action control valve & choice of 2 necks.Soldering iron with solid copper mallet, windshield & stand.High presure gas regula..
(Ex VAT)€99.95
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