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Automotive Tools

Automotive Tools
Brand: Clarke
Another way of removing & refiitting oil filters especially when they're difficult to reach. A tough & wide nylon strap grips tightly as the tensioning bar is turned by ratchet, spanner or socket.FeaturesExtra wide nylon strap for safetyDriven by a 3/8", ½" or 21mm spanner or socketIdeal for accessi..
(Ex VAT)€17.82
Brand: Clarke
Here\'s the right way to take flywheels and pulleys off the shaft. A strong steel alloy yoke with a selection of bolts. Quick to assemble, easy to remove!Yoke capacity 35-85 mm diameter\n2 and 3 jaw configurations.\nIncludes thrust bolt centering adaptor and 10 assorted fixing bolts...
(Ex VAT)€16.95
Brand: Clarke
For the professional mechanic, a combined bearing separator and puller set made from blackened drop forged steel and supplied with both centering and flat adaptors for added versatility.FeaturesPuller reach 98 mmPuller span up to 150 mm outside diameterDriven by 17mm socket or spanner (not supplied)..
(Ex VAT)€87.72
Brand: Clarke
Mechanical and bodywork problems can be solved with this slide hammer kit for the garage workshop. Performs 2 or 3 jaw internal and external pulling and is effective on hubs, lips and dents.Features3.1Kg slide hammer on a 570mm long part threaded shaft2 or 3 jaw internal and external pullingHub pull..
(Ex VAT)€128.70
Brand: Clarke
This kit, with it's two essential sizes of separator pullers, covers a particularly wide range of bearings commonly used in automotive, agricultural and marine applications.Features- 160mm (with extension) 52mm, 200mm (with extension) 70mmRemovable extension bars (105mm/130mm) enable many alternativ..
(Ex VAT)€123.75
Brand: Clarke
A strong spring steel envelope which compresses rings in position on the piston enabling the assembly to be inserted easily into the bore without the risk of damage.FeaturesFor the easy fitting of piston rings back into their boresFits pistons 53 - 175mm diameterConstructed from specially sprung ste..
(Ex VAT)€14.85
Brand: Clarke
A power drill will drive this three legged tool via its integral flexible shaft to remove heat glaze & carbon deposits from cylinder bores up to 180mm diameter. The tension of the medium grade cutting stones can be adjusted to obtain the desired finish.Please Note - This tool should be used with a s..
(Ex VAT)€36.63
Brand: Clarke
Specially designed, sprung loaded pliers with tapered holding jaws make the job of fitting & removing piston rings that much easier & safer.FeaturesTapered jaws for easy, intact removal of piston ringsSuitable for rings with 1.2 - 6.3mm gapFeatures ergonomic handle and return spring for ease of use..
(Ex VAT)€6.93
Brand: Clarke
Covering the two most common sizes, this reamer, driven by a spark plug socket, will clean & restore threads in the engine block that may have been damaged due to careless spark plug insertion or removal.FeaturesFor use on 14mm & 18mm spark plug holesIdeal for cleaning carbon and corrosion clogged t..
(Ex VAT)€8.06
Brand: Clarke
Vehicle door removal made easy with this simple 4-piece kit suitable for use on most conventional hollow pin door hinges.FeaturesComes with 3.2, 4.3 and 5.5mm punchesAnvil comes with vinyl handle to enhance operator comfort..
(Ex VAT)€0.00
Brand: Clarke
A mixed socket set that is particularly suited for use on larger automotive and agricultural equipment. Manufactured from high quality Chrome Vanadium with a resilient chrome plating.Features11 Metric sockets - 22, 24, 26, 27, 30, 32, 33, 36, 38, 41 & 46mm10 AF sockets - 15/16", 1 1/8", 1 3/16", 1 ¼..
(Ex VAT)€247.50
Brand: Clarke
For the controlled bending of pipework for brakes and other automotive applications, without the risk of crushing, this simple lightweight aluminium tool is the answer.FeaturesFor the smooth controlled bending of pipe, up to a 90 degree angleWill bend without crushing 3 sizes of pipe 6, 8 and 10mmLi..
(Ex VAT)€16.83
Brand: Clarke
Stiff and stubborn oil filters respond to the power of this wrench. With its long drop forged steel handle and strong linked chain, the job of removal is made so much easier.FeaturesSuitable for oil filters from 60-140mm in diameterExtra long handle for easy removalStrong drop forged constructionCha..
(Ex VAT)€20.75
Brand: Clarke
Ideal for the removal of oil and grease seals from automotive drives and transmissionsFeaturesHas a mechanics handle for assured and safe useDouble sided tip has two sizes to suit most applicationsStrong, heat treated black oxide tips..
(Ex VAT)€8.91
Brand: Clarke
Disc brake servicing can be so much simpler using this devise for separating pistons in their callipers. Nicely made with adjustable blackened steel spreader plates, chromed screw & linking bar.FeaturesEasily and quickly separates pistons in their callipersCan be driven by integral tommy bar, ½" soc..
(Ex VAT)€29.70
Brand: Clarke
This set of 3 multi-pivoted three legged extractors, made from tough heat treated drop forged carbon steel, can remove gear wheels of various sizes by either internal or external pulling. An ideal kit for the enthusiastic car mechanic.FeaturesMaximum spreads 120/170/220mmMaximum reaches 73/100/150mm..
(Ex VAT)€69.30
Brand: Clarke
A simple 6" rubber suction pad with handle that can effectively remove shallow dents from vehicle bodywork without causing damage. Also suitable for holding & carrying smooth surfaced sheet material.Features150mm rubber suction cupLipped edge for easy suction release..
(Ex VAT)€13.86
Brand: Clarke
An assortment of 120 popular, automotive fuses in a translucent, 6 compartment storage box.FeaturesContents includes -- 20 x 5amp- 20 x 10amp- 20 x 15amp- 20 x 20amp- 20 x 25amp- 20 x 30amp..
(Ex VAT)€14.51
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