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JC10LS - 10 Litre Jerry Can

JC10LS - 10 Litre Jerry Can
JC10LS - 10 Litre Jerry Can
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Product Description

A top quality, robust all steel 10 litre Jerry can which is ideal for the safe storage of a wide range of fuels & liquids, a must have for emergency situations.

Manufactured to a high standard, this can comes factory tested and meets German TUV regulations. Featuring a wide 'anti-glug' mouth for fast, efficient and clean fuel dispensing, seam welded handles for strength, a locking pin ensuring a tight seal and powder coated, anti-rust finish.


  • Made from extra thick 0.9mm steel
  • Wide mouth breather channel allows fast emptying without `glugging`
  • Powder coated exterior paint for quality finish and long lasting rust resistance
  • Seam welded on handles for maximum strength and safety
  • Patented Locking Pin to prevent accidental opening
  • Documented UN approval ( License number marked on handle)

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