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CHT719 - 1/2\" & 3/8\" Oil Filter Wrench

CHT719 - 1/2\
CHT719 - 1/2\" & 3/8\" Oil Filter Wrench
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Product Description

The CHT719 is a simple to use two way, three jaw oil filter wrench manufactured from durable carbon steel and is made specifically to be used with oil filters ranging from 65-120mm. Used with all manufacturers fitted with compatible oil filters, this is a real time and effort saver, a great addition to any automotive tool kit.


  • Suitable for 65-120mm oil filters
  • High strength carbon steel with satin finish.
  • Clockwise or anti-clockwise operation.
  • Increases its grip the more torque applied
  • Driven by a 3/8” or ½” square drive tool or 21mm wrench (using adaptor included)
  • Weight: 0.39kg

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