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Jumpstart 900

Jumpstart 900
Jumpstart 900
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Product Description

This high capacity, portable 12V power pack will go anywhere to start a car or operate lighting, re-charge mobile phones (via a compatible 'in-car' type charger), lap top computers, power tools, etc. Easily recharged from car or mains supply - all connectors and adaptors supplied. Starts diesel engines up to 3 litres and petrol engines up to 3 litres.


  • 1100 amps peak output at 12-volts, 500 amps boost for rundown vehicle batteries.
  • Battery condition & charge level indicator.
  • Integral worklight for night time operation.
  • Features "cigarette lighter" socket for simple plug in connection of many 12 volt items.
  • Heavy duty insulated battery connection clips.
  • Sealed, maintenance free battery for maximum capacity & safe operation.